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Dental Emergencies in 08318

There is no more common urgent dental matter than a toothache. Don’t try to wait it out, hoping it will just go away. First of all, that is not at all likely. Second, there are potential consequences to waiting, including letting an infection set in, needing root canal, or even having the tooth extracted. Here at Dental Arts Group, you can depend on accurate diagnosis, and expert treatment when you have a toothache or other dental emergency.

Sometimes, the pain starts off relatively mild. Your initial thought may be that you can handle it, and besides that, you don’t want to take time from work or your other daily tasks just to run in and see our 08318 dentist. But that pain can escalate faster than you realize, possibly becoming excruciating. And what may have only required a filling or a crown could result in root canal therapy or loss of the tooth. Why suffer with a toothache and take unnecessary risk? Our 08318 dentist will see you right away and determine the reason for your tooth pain, as well as the most appropriate remedy. Fillings can be done in just one session, so if you have a new cavity or have lost a previously placed filling, it’s all very quick. Crowns take two trips to our office. The first one to take impressions for the crown, and the second to fit the crown that was made by the dental lab. Fortunately, a temporary crown is placed, which protects the tooth and should assuage your toothache. Root canals and extractions are more involved procedures, but they are done with gentle care, so you won’t have to worry about any undue discomfort.

Don’t hesitate to call our office when you have a toothache. Our 08318 dentist is pleased to offer emergency care.

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