Cosmetic Dentist in Elmer

Cosmetic Dentist in Elmer

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You don’t have to continue living with a smile that has flaws and imperfections, making you feel self-conscious and awkward about opening your mouth to speak or laugh. Here at Dental Arts Group, we are pleased to make veneers available as the ideal solution for a host of issues.

Crafted at our trusted dental lab from porcelain, veneers restore the beauty of your smile by covering up those aspects of it that are troubling you. Some common examples that our cosmetic dentist in Elmer addresses with veneers are wide gaps between teeth, crooked and misshapen teeth, ones that are discolored or chipped, and teeth that are not the same size as the others. However, virtually any concern you have about the way your teeth look will lend themselves to the benefits of veneers. In as few as three visits, the entire process goes from initial consultation to completion. Our cosmetic dentist in Elmer takes impressions and gives them to the dental lab. They then return your veneers, made to precision and designed to fit you perfectly. If there are any adjustments to be made, that is determined when you come back in to try them on. And once you have agreed that you are happy with how they look and feel, the veneers are then bonded to the fronts of your teeth. Doing so requires that a thin layer of natural tooth material has to be filed off the teeth getting veneers. The outcome is that all of our teeth will be even and the results so natural that it will be nearly impossible for others (or even you) to see which teeth have veneers and which do not.

Why not come in soon to see our cosmetic dentist in Elmer and get started with improving the appearance of your teeth? Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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