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Elmer Dentist Office

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Preventive care is more important than treatment once the problem already exists. That’s why our focus here at our Dental Arts Group is to get out ahead of the potential effects of dental plaque. It’s entirely possible to make cavities and gum disease infrequent occurrences.

You should visit our Elmer dentist office two times per year, but if you don’t perform your due diligence at home between those visits, your oral health is likely to suffer anyway. In order to get the best results, eat a nutritious diet and limited your sugar intake. Brush your teeth first thing in the morning, and then again before you go to bed. For your nighttime brushing, also floss thoroughly. Our Elmer dentist office can offer you vital guidance to make sure that you brush and floss in the most efficient manner possible. Doing so will give you better outcomes, as defined by being gentle on your teeth and gums, and also by ridding yourself of most of the plaque that is stuck to your teeth and at the gum line. Any plaque that does not get removed in your daily oral hygiene will harden, becoming tartar, which cannot be removed except with a professional teeth cleaning. That’s a big reason why a checkup every six months is so crucial. It includes the elimination of tartar buildup, without which your teeth and gums are likely to suffer. Plaque and tartar are responsible for forming cavities in your teeth, and also for irritating, inflaming, and infecting your gums. Ultimately, you risk loss of gum and bone tissue, as well as teeth. Not only are discomfort and pain possible, but other unpleasant effects such as consistently bad breath and bleeding when you brush.

There is simply no denying how important prevention is, so contact us right now and let us book an appointment to come to our Elmer dentist office.

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